Introducing a new series to the blog

Mamãe Monday

Every Monday starting today I will be publishing a Mamãe related blogpost.

Mamãe by the way is Brazilian portugese for mommy.

Now that I am a mamãe, I decided to use this little platform of mine to carve out one day a week where I share something for the other Mamãe’s out there.

Whether it’s something that I’m learning as a mamãe, or something that I’ve learned from another mamãe stay tuned for these Monday posts where I’ll share something that’s been beneficial to me recently as a mamãe.

*Before I begin, let me give the disclaimer that this is a mom shaming FREE zone.

To kick off the series:


About 2-3 weeks ago now Maria began not nuzzling on my chest to fall asleep like she she did her first 8 weeks of life.

There’s this newborn snuggle that happens where the adult is sitting/standing upright or laying on one’s back and the newborn babe is ready for the dreamiest sleep on the center of your chest. Such a precious snuggle, it’s if time is standing still. You can’t help but smile as you gaze lovingly at your precious babe. Mesmerized at their existence.

It’s a newborn sleep where her hands were curled up to her face, knees bent, her sweet baby face facing either right or left, and tushy elevated up towards the sky.

In any case about 2-3 weeks ago I believe it was right before traveling for the holidays that I realized OHMYGRACIOUS she’s not falling asleep on my chest anymore. She’s not doing that newborn sleep.

Just like that. With no concept of what day she stopped, no more newborn snuggles

Time may have felt like it was standing still but it wasn’t, and with each passing day we are so thankful she’s healthy and growing.

We are so thankful that we choose to take the time to hold her in our arms as much as possible.

Because even though we don’t know the exact moment she transitioned out of that newborn snuggle, we soaked up all those newborn moments, and we can remember them with tenderness not regret.

Since Maria has been born I have daily thanked God for her life and the privilege that it is to parent her. Disciplining myself to foster this daily habit so that we remember her life is a gift and so that we don’t take any of it for granted.

We choose to hold her in our arms as much as possible because we know time is actually passing us by and there will be a day where she outgrows our arms or doesn’t want to be held.

But for now, for today, we hold her.

Providing her with that sense of comfort safety and security she feels when close to me or Greg.

Just to be clear, we hold her often but not always.

Sometimes she just wants to lay and play , or to kick her little happy feet. Other times she wants to sit to observe while holding her hands or to swing in her swinger to be soothed to sleep.

But the rest of the time we hold her we snuggle her and we just hangout with her. We try to do whatever we can with her and include her in all our day to day activities.

Most of the time where we go, she goes. Whether it’s across town or across the east coast, because it is a privilege to parent and have her along for the journey of life with us.

It all starts with holding her, we want to send the message to her that she is wanted by us.

There is comfort safety and security in the embrace of her mamãe and papai.

Is it an adjustment yes is it an inconvenience absolutely not.

It is my privilege to type this on my phone with her right palm pressed against my left wrist as I type this blogpost on my phone with my thumbs. Her head resting on my right forearm from falling asleep post breastfeeding.

So wherever you are, in whatever season you are in with your child , pause and remember what a privilege it is to be a parent. 

Pause to hold your child close today, sending the message early on that it is your pleasure to be around them.

Maybe thank God for them.

Maybe hug them.

Maybe hold him or her instead of getting done whatever’s next on your list.

Maybe call them to catch up taking genuine interest in their life and reminding your once newborn that you love them.

Maybe go visit them or stop what you have planned and go to the park with them.

Maybe make something with them or just be with them.

From one mamãe to the next;

Our presence matters.

Time stops for no one.

Hug and hold them as much as possible .

And who knows maybe just maybe holding our children close day after day (in ways large and small) they will grow up knowing how very much we love being around them.

And if we’re really successful in this whole gig one day when given the choice they’ll love being around us too.

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