That doesn’t mean what you think it means.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to learn.

This past weekend my mother in law was in town and I shared with her a resource that I have loved learning from as a new mom.

Now, Maria has been a magnificent sleeper, (and granted we have nothing to compare it to) and we find she’s done very well sleep wise for each stage of life since she was born.

At least we think so.

And if your really curious regarding the specifics of what its been like, and what her sleep has looked like since she came home from the hospital, contact me and I’d be more than happy to share what thats looked like and what we’ve done for her that has worked.

I like to educate myself and be well informed of the different stages to come, for as babies grow/change as do they’re sleeping cue’s, tendencies, and needs.

Or so I’ve learned.

So this post is going to serve as a giveaway of resources that have been significant in educating Greg and me in understanding Maria’s sleep needs.

Now mind you, when I say giveaway, I mean I’m giving away in this post the information of books and sleep experts we’ve used and learned from to help us prepare for babies. No its not a follow, like, or tag a friend to win something tangible giveaway.

It’s a giveaway of educational resources, so if you’re up for that kind of giveaway just keep reading.

For starters the following book was a gift from Suzy that I read during my third trimester called: SECRETS OF THE BABY WHISPER.

Now prior to this point I had only known Cesar Milan as the dog whisperer.

But let me tell you, this read was a game changer for us as parents.

I call Greg the Maria whisperer because he has established a rhythm with Maria that calms her instantly and soothes her to sleep.

Just an aside, I love watching him sway her to sleep.

Back to the book resource, wasn’t about rigidity and routine. It didn’t put all babies or parents in a cookie cutter one size fits all mold.

Rather it spoke of the privilege of parenting, and how pivotal it is to treat our babies with dignity, and call them by name from the beginning.

MOST OF ALL, this book focused on learning the language and preferences of your particular child as a baby.

Now of course there are strategies she recommends that help you become a baby whisper for your child, but in brief, this book’s message is that when a baby cries they are not giving you a hard time, they are having a hard time.

Truly that mentality has been such a foundation for us anytime Maria is upset. The suggestions in this book have taught us how to make sense of what Maria is trying to communicate with us. It has also helped us S.L.O.W. down when Maria cries, as well as highlighting the importance of learning to love your baby for who they are as little human and treating them with respect.

Another resource is actually someone that I discovered on Instagram who you can find on instagram or at her website called:

She’s a baby sleep expert who does offer online sleep classes and resources.

I discovered her two weeks into parenting, and initially I just started following her out of how encouraging she was.

Her knowledge has helped Greg and me know:

what to expect as Maria grows,

prepare for upcoming things such as the “dreaded” 4 month sleep regression,

or how long /short her naps should be per how many weeks old she should be,

or how much awake time she should be getting before bed,

or when a baby’s sleep drive is the highest etc.

The best thing we’ve learned from her is dream feeds

Her newborn sleep classes have nothing but extraordinary reviews, but there is a monetary cost, however following her on instagram and reading her blog posts are free of charge and an exceptional resource.

So if you or a mamãe you know has been struggling with sleep, I would highly recommend those two resources. Please pass this blogpost along to any exhausted mama who is feeling hopeless about ever sleeping again.

It is my joy to share about resources that have encouraged and educated me, and I hope this mamãe Monday post makes a massive difference in the sleep life of one of my Mamãe followers.

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