Not so much the New, but the Auld

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Standing beside friends and family, 
beside friends who have become family,
beside family who you’ve realized are some of your best friends.
Looking back on old days past.
Listening to the roaring crackle of the fireplace.
Celebrating all the precious moments we’ve experienced that can not be rewritten.
Popping bottles of champagne.
Toasting cheers to the times gone by.
Times that make us better;
the days we were at our highest of highs or our lowest of lows
we are loved just the same.
And when we remember them
we remember our humanity
our frailty
our strength
our failures
our triumphs.
We remember how atrocious humankind can be
but also how compassionate generous and magnificent they can be.

We recall how quickly time is fleeting
we quantify a year
12 months
52 weeks
365 days
525,600 minutes
We come to terms with the reality that 
a year 
can be simultaneously
 devasting and rejuvenating
 challenging and exhilarating
exhausting and rewarding.
We are embellished in white (as is customary in Brazil)
and as the clock moves closer to midnight we 
raise our glasses,
begin the countdown, 
shout Feliz Ano Novo,
kiss and hug the one’s we love
That as we approach the days ahead
we would take a cup of kindness yet 
not forgetting the people who got us through this year
not forgetting old times gone by
So Cheers to Old Times Gone By 
who’ve made us who we are thus far,
& Cheers to  New Times Yet to Pass, 
who’ll help us discover more + more of who we were destined to become.

Click -> Here beginning at the 45-second mark 
and ->  here beginning at the12-second mark 
to experience two of my all time favorite renditions of Auld Lang Syne.
I would love to know your all time favorite rendition of Auld Lang Syne.
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