Our first weekend in our new apartment consisted of; sore arms & legs from the very real workout of carrying boxes for most of Friday, refreshing trips to the greenhouse to freshen up our house, & long strolls down town exploring this new city that will soon be the norm. Dinners on our patio, Gregs co-workers stopping by with yeast is several forms; pumpkin bread , sourdough bread ,& Lancaster home brew, & experiencing immediately being treated as one of their own at the  1st church we were visiting. Being visited from dear mont lawn camp family who fill our paper thin walls with laughter and prayers,Chick- fil-A, Julius Sturgius Pretzel Bakery Tours, and grocery shopping at central market.
Weekend 1 of living in Lancaster, complete,thank You Jesus for making it so sweet ! This hymn describes just how sweet it has been to trust in what we heard the Lord say ( Lancaster ) 72 days ago & to now abide in that word He called us to just as he promised, for however long it may be.
Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus,
 just to take him at His word;
 just to rest upon His promise 
& to know “Thus saith the Lord”!





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