Selfie Sufficiency

Spending the day exploring the  Brooklyn Bridge restored my faith in humanity.

Granted I acknowledge that several of the New Yorkers who extended kindness towards us today were mesmerized by our smiley and spunky Maria.

But there is nothing quite like walking around a place and watching as complete strangers ask other complete other strangers to take their family photo, or couple photo.

I love that people are still taking a chance on humans. On others. 

People are putting themselves out there, and in big tourist cities like NY there’s no guarantee on shared language. But it’s beautiful.

Of course there’s the selfie takers but that’s the safe zone of visiting a tourist attraction and life !

It takes courage and the willingness to take a chance on others to ask strangers for help.

It humbles you, I don’t know why I find so much beauty in the simplicity of talking to a stranger and acknowledging they can help you. 

Just a message of sure I can do it on my own, but I’ll take a chance on there being a better outcome if I ask for you to be a part of this.

( for their help of sharing a moment )

All over the Brooklyn Bridge hundreds of people from all around the world are walking and exploring and interacting and taking thousands of pictures. But you know what else, people are digging their noses and eyes off of their phones long enough to engage in human interaction long enough for the sake of  a better picture.

If you know my writing style by now you know where this is going.

I want to be like a NY tourist with my life ( omit negative connotations for the sake of this analogy).

I want to live my life in a way that I fully acknowledge that if I ask another human wants to be a part of my life, sure it could turn out to be mediocre  ( as many photos can turn out poorly when you risk asking a stranger to take it) but on the flipside it could leave me totally surprised and exceed my expectations.

I want to live a life where I STILL choose to take the chance on human interaction, because I don’t want to live a selfie filled life.

Yea selfies are fun once and a while but they are not the whole picture.

Sometimes their grainy and the quality of the photo finishes.

I want quality in life.

Just as I do in pictures.

So here’s to taking the risk of admitting life is captured in better quality when you ask others to be a part of your life, instead of choosing  selfie-sufficiency!

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