Since birth my family & I have celebrated the 4th of July at the one and only Jersey shore. This weekend my mamae querida shared that these  FIRE WORKS were so special because my parents had 1st watched them when they arrived in the U.S. 25+ years ago, as a symbol of hope & freedom, & we’ve been watching them ever since.
As the years went on so much has changed in our family.
We have overcome so many obstacles, but 8 years later
this wildwood these fireworks bring usback together.
They remain this symbol of hope & freedom.
Hope that no matter what sad things take place, good can come from it.
Freedom to not allow those things to keep you from forgiving
& seeing the beauty from ashes.
NERVOUSLY we approached this weekend,
after 8 years of no interactions
after 8 years of experiencing 
a rollercoaster
 – loops, high velocities, steep inclines + all- 
of emotions,
my 1st time meeting my 1/2 siblings.
 Instantly I was met with a love for them
 that I can only describe it’s source being the Holy Spirit.
We did so many ofthethings my brothers & I did growing up
sharing with them our memories
& just an outpouring of this bond that is being a sibling.
of sharing the same dad.
I have a sister, who is shy gentle wild & attached to me at the hip.
And what does she do as she hugs me ever so tight to say goodbye?
Gives me her minion she won on the boardwalk
so we as sisters could have matching minions as sisters.
She is 7
oh how her compassion towards me melted my heart.
Then she blushingly asked ifshe could call me to talk.
Of course.
What a gift in 8 years I haven’t walked the boardwalk with both my parents
but THIS YEAR i did.
though separately
we did.
Greg & I.
but most sentimentally, we did,my brothers & I.
Don’t worry Brendan we hopped into Aquabeaches HOTTUB just for you 😉
I spent the weekend in such a special place
with family old & relatively new
I praise the Lord for Wildwood & Fireworks
because sometimes
FIRE works to mold the broken situations & make them beautiful.
forever as it did for my parents symbolizing hope,freedom, & now redemption.



























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