As I look at the snow, melting away, I ponder.
Winters past, the prospect of spring, and the overflow of  snow related quotes that flood my mind.
I somehow find myself having spiraled down a deep rabbit trail,
leading me into deep curiosity about snow.

How can something so serene, powerful, breath taking,
all encompassing,and unique…
wreak so much havoc ?

How can something that fills children & puppies with effervescent joy,
be something that fills so many people with annoyance,irritation,numbness, & injury?

How does something so beautiful bring such danger and destruction?

The other day on our way to the eye-doctor
( praise break for new glasses 20/20 people out there -like Greg- don’t worry about it you’ll never quite understand)
Greg & I had a situation as we drove in the snow.

Swerve, prayers, and safety within an instant.
Rightfully so,Greg was shaken up.
Shockingly so, I was freakishly calm.
Thankfully so, all is well.

Maybe that’s what propelled today’s post.

Perhaps this snow is not dangerous,
when we take time to enjoy it in its proper setting.

These frozen beauties that fall from the sky,
I like to believe is intended to get me, to get us ,
to slow down and enjoy.

Maybe when we get off of “our idea of a perfect day high horse”
we’ll realize we’re the ones in danger,
 in danger of missing out in every moment we’re given.

We spend so much time” hating” it , wishing “it goes away”
making cliche jokes asking Elsa to calm it down, but why?
Why wish away every moment
– i.e. me eagerly counting down the days for march 20th so we can move into our new apartment – instead of just loving the day we’re in?

It could have something to do with our discontent;
winters too cold
summer is too hot,
work is too ehh,
Monday is to ugghhh.

Quite frankly I’m over it.

We are in a constant state of go go go,
equally avoiding boredom & liveliness.

Constantly seeking to vocalize the most current dissatisfaction.
What an ugly trend that we’ve been adhering to.
Not taking time to stop and admire the snow,
to stop and admire life.

I write this knowing full well I’ve touched on this topic before,
but I’ll write about it as much as need be until I practice what I preach.

To enjoy the snow,
the Mondays,
the workdays,
the rainy days,
and soak them up for all their worth.

‘ cause soon enough these moments like the snow,
will too soon melt away on a nearly spring day
and we’ll look back realizing  
we spent all of our time unhappy where we’re at
 waiting for the next best thing,
and if we’re not careful we wont only have missed the  beauty of winter,
but also the beauty of spring.

Post Author: Thressa Irving

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