The day my husband made me cry
It was the early afternoon,
I got the news all too soon:
I didn’t get a job AGAIN.
I thought to myself
 will the searching ever end? 

We sat in silence as I wept in the warmth of his embrace,
as Greg gently reflected the fathers grace.
REJECTION & DESPERATION have become all too familiar,
but  Greg’s word brought me to tears & continued to L I N G E R .
We spoke of what the dream was,
What I would go after, if I knew I could not fail & money was no obstacle. 
And when I responded with a simple yet frantic,” I don’t know, I don’t know,  I don’t know what the dream is”, this was his strong yet comforting reply, as he looked me straight in the eye
THIS was the moment he made me cry, when he said;
“When you figure out what the dream is,
I have yet to discover what the dream is,& currently the only dream is to figure out what the dream is. But as I stood there in my husbands embrace , as he wiped my tears falling down my face I thought how empowering / necessary it is to reach that point in your life where rejection doesn’t phase you. I’m not sure where I’m going with life, but I’m sure I’ll  get there soon. Once I figure it out I’ll chase after it with ALL that I’ve got, because after a while the giant that rejection once was becomes microscopic, & I begin to feel invincible.
Don’t let rejection phase you.
It’s okay not to know,
But I urge you ONCE YOU FIND OUT
chase after it with ALL that you got,
& may the reality that THERE IS HOPE bring tears to your eyes .

Post Author: Thressa Irving

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