The Effort to be Responsible

I think the craziest part about parenting for me has been the constant responsibility.

Easy example: Maria was crawling towards a wrapper that was on the floor, I thought to myself “ I have time to keep drinking my —“ then I had to totally stop that train of thought in order to put my coffee down and go pick up that wrapper before Maria ate it.

It’s little moments like those where it just hits you that you’re the responsible adult in the


On the plus side our floors have never been so clean.

Let me clarify of course they are clean diapers, stuffed animals, board books , and tethers galore on the floor … constantly. 

But anything that would typically be on the floor or on the floor level for two independent adults, we have now relocated.

Shoes, Lady’s food and water bowls, tools, picture frames, vacuum, etc. are now far out of her reach.

I’m sure there have been instances where I’ve moved quicker in my life, but nothing comes to mind when compared to trying to beat your child over to the glowing google internet on the second shelf that she’s entranced by.

This child of ours requires me to harness all this responsibility within myself, and it’s pretty inspiring.

I say that because it’s not often the first word used to describe myself by others, or even myself. But woah, mãe Thressa is next level is responsible.

It’s constant decision making and taking action this whole gig, and it’s making me a better human.

Slow coffee sipping has been replaced with quick sprints to move whatever inanimate object out of Maria’s way. And I am loving it. It’s a lot of work, like everybody tells you that and you’re like okay okay okay I get it. 

But what’s wild is how different parts of parenting are more work for some of us while other parts of parenting that come naturally to us are more work for others.


In my case learning to be disciplined and responsible has been more work for me, but for some that comes easily. 

But never have I EVER wanted to be so responsible before.

Being responsible and being disciplined for my daughter, is my pleasure.

And I hope with each passing day I get better and that it appears effortless even though I know full well it took a lot of effort.

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