Saying our ” see you later’s” to dear family & friends
 who have; spurred us on to travel & explore…
 to spend more time with family…
         to realize we have family in Christ wherever we go
& to kick back, & crack up.
 Thanks for being a part of these past four months
 by helping us keep our priorities & our sanity !
      so this one goes out to our cheerleaders
  – people who’ve loved  REALLY LOVED on us from near & far-
 for praying
for waiting
for packing
 for laughing
for eating
for dreaming
for realistic-ing
for hurting
for cleaning
for teaching
for living
for hoping
 for being
for running wild
 with us
            CHEERS TO YOU for your obvious & deeply appreciated love for this dreamer and realist,
    you make our hearts FULL !
So here’s a glimpse into the day we’ve been anticipating;
These upcoming photos fail to completely capture the
coffee consumed,
sweat released,
the tetris-esque packing strategy of my husband & father in-love,
the chilling of our fingertips,noses,& toes,
the lifting of boxes upon boxes, up &down flights of stairs,
the T I M E invested- minutes that became hours-
and the relief when we safely arrived
to this state
to this place
we now call home.
Enjoy these snapshots of The One Where We Moved to PA
Had to start our day off right by getting breakfast at this gem!


As usual there was a line for these delicious fresh NY bagels


The in-love’s enticed by the yummy possibilities, decisions, decisions.


This bagel right here is everything ( haha no but really my favorite is the everything bagel)
Fueling ourselves up for the big day ahead.


Picking up our U-haul


Our Master Packer, & Master Pastor  just happens to be our Dad.


Father Son teamwork, makin the dream work !


Not many newlyweds are blessed to have had such a scenic view,but we were, & we’re so grateful


So thanks for the view you beautiful- yet polluted – Hudson River You.




The Strategizing was no joke,


& as you can see it was well worth it because we needed every inch.
The time came to hand over our key to the first place we’ve ever lived in as Mr. &Mrs.


crazy how fast these 4 months-ish came and went. Tchau Chave !


 Officially closing the door to this chapter of our lives.


Packed up & ready to hit the road.




Tchau Casa, thanks for the shelter, warmth,& memories !!!




Living here daily reminded us 2 crucial things: Our God as provider & wherever we reside we’re missionaries


Praying for traveling mercies,& thanking our Creator for our 1st home.



Only God knew this campus would be where we 1st met in 2009 & where we 1st lived as husband & wife in 2014.




” We launch our bark into the unknown waters of this move, with You, O Father as our harbor”


Tchau Nyack, Rockland County, e NY! Foi o nosso prazer!



So he drove…


…and drove


…and drove.


Typical annoyed face at NJ drivers


The most handsome gas pumper there is



Oh Pennsylvania be good to us. May we increasingly see your beauty, adventure, & value.


And sure enough…


as we prayed…


despite traffic…


Greg began to see…






… I .


The rustic beauty….



The prospect for endless adventure…


oh The breathtaking


value as



rich as a golden sunset.


Oh Pennsylvania if you’re trying to win us over,


you’re off to a great start.


And just as the night fell,


we approached our new home.
Exhausted after a long day of lifting,cleaning,carrying,driving,and unloading.
& though it’s wild to ask;
we’re at peace,
because it’s a pretty sweet thing to not know what will happen next,
 but to know that God leads us
and with Him
as we’re side by side as husband + wife
 we’ll forever be at home.
Rooted in Love,
Mrs. Dreamer Irving

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