The Struggle To Start

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ (Lao Tzu)
but ‘for some of us one mile is harder to walk then 30’( Francine Rivers).

For as long as I can remember I’ve dared to dream.
This beautiful difficult world we live in and life we live,
has always left me mesmerized at the possibilities of what could be.

But the notion of actually starting, has always paralyzed me.

In large part I suppose is due to what  today’s society calls “FOMO” ( fear of missing out).
I wasn’t surprised at all when I read similarly a statistic that stated
procrastination isn’t just because the person doesn’t want to do something,
but rather because the person is experiencing stress
and thus distracts himself to alleviate the stress.

Instead of deciding what to order at the restaurant for example- the stress of ordering the wrong thing,missing out on something better,someone else ordering something better, wasting your money on something you don’t like or could have made at home- leads to the procrastination instead of making a decision and acting on it.

Small ridiculous parallel? Absolutely.
But relatable? 100%

For as long as I can remember fear of missing out on something better, messing up, someone else being better, or failing miserably, has stopped me from even trying.

“What if I fall, oh but darling what if you fly” – Erin Hanson

“ Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” – Babe Ruth

“ Do not only be hearers of the word but doers of the word”James 1:22

“ You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”  Wayne Gretzky

These quotes all have the potential to get you to change your life,
to cut the excuses and take action,
to get started giving you that swift kick you need,
to stop talking about it, and start doing it.
Or they can just remain the inspirational words that they are,
and nothing more.

The past 2 and a half years for me has been an immense internal struggle with these things.

S  T  R  U  G  G  L  I  N  G .      T  O .        S  T  A  R  T .       

Due to fear of missing out,

not knowing where/how to start,


or fear of messing up aka failing.

A constant internal struggle between

every reason why I shouldn’t
every reason why I should !

Among the deepest struggle, has been the strongest conviction.
The sweetest, most consistent voice whispering.

It’s Jesus, saying,

“Sweet Thressa do NOT waste those talents

cut the crap

Get to getting

I gave them to you for a reason”

I write this because it’s relevant.

I write this because it has the potential to be long lasting if you allow it to be.

May it take you far quicker to learn this major life lesson, than it’s taken me.

Wallow not in the pit of having already wasted so much time,
for “regret for wasted time is only more wasted time”

If you should’ve started sooner,
start today,
today will eventually be sooner.

“Oh but it will take so much time and commitment “
Yes. Yes it will,
but it will be well worth it.
And News flash, whether you choose to pursue it or not,
the time will pass anyway.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.

The time will pass anyway.”- Earl Nightingale

You can read this.


Be moved
Be inspired.

Tell a friend about that one time something you read that was so on point…

then go back to your life

and your excuses

the moment you finish reading this blog post
for whatever distraction takes precedence.

That’s your decision.
The action you chose,
was to not act.
The action you chose was to distract

This lesson has taken the longest amount of time for me to learn,
BUT it is also among the most valuable of lessons I’ve learned and am still practicing.

I’m still learning it.
I’m still actualizing it.

With every blog post I write,
every picture I choose to take even though there are thousands of others,
every time I give a shot to that new activity that I’ve been yearning to try,
every moment that I continue to choose to add words on this page,
I am learning.
I am focusing.
I am practicing.
I am disciplining.
because I’ve learned that
dreaming demands discipline.

To say no to comparison every time it comes bombarding its way into your mind.
To say no to the fear of failure or fear of missing out or fear of messing up every time
because we may fall and fall and fall but
a) God catches us EVERY time we fall,
{woop woop what’s better than falling into his loving safe powerful reassuring empowering arms EVERY time }
b) when you don’t fall you FLY

I urge you to not think or say things like “maybe some day” or “one of these days”
I’ve been there TOO long eagerly waiting for the day
that I’ll just wake up and decide to go full throttle.

Let me tell you something,the only days I go full throttle, are the days I choose to.

Not when I’m fearless.
Not when I feel like it.
Not when I’m creative.
Not when I’m ready.
Not when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

You start when you choose to, period.

It’s as simple and challenging as that.

My mom has often said to me “voce e somente 8 ou 80”,
which is a Brazilian saying that conveys the message “you’re either all in or not at all”.

I wanna be all in, everyday.
Dreaming demands discipline.
I wanna make that day today.
I wanna try new things, and get better at the things
that I’ve placed on the backburner and have made excuses for, for far too long.
I wanna live not wondering what if or too bad.
I need to live the words I believe, and the inspiration I write.

No dreams will become actualized,
until I choose to act,
until you choose to act.

You DON’T need to have all your ducks in a row.
You DON’T have to have all your i’s dotted or t’s crossed.
You DON’T have to have all the blanks filled in.
But you, I, we DO need to be all in.

Because that not at all my mother was talking about isn’t gonna cut it.

I write to implement change.
In both my life and yours.
Wherever and whoever you are.
I don’t want anyone to read these words to feel good,
to feel momentarily inspired,
and then walk away.
I want my words to keep you up at night
to keep you tossing and turning,
to reevaluate the way you are living in the day to day.

We are beings that are loved for who we are not what we do

yet we’ve been given such talents

we dare not waste them, nor the time we’ve been given.

I understand first hand that there is this IMMENSE struggle to start,
but what’s worse for me
is the notion of it never coming to be
because of never mustering up the courage to try,
the time slipping away,
and the dreams never becoming a reality.

Combatting the struggle to start STARTS WITH YOU
echoing the words Jesus speaks
time and time and TIME again
because if you’re even a fraction as stubborn as me it will need repeated;

“Sweet (insert your name here)  
do NOT waste those talents
cut the crap
Get to getting
I gave them to you for a reason”

With every word I write and word you read,
you may not see it
but there is a miracle, of dreams coming true.

Someone has dreamed of being able to see,
another has dreamed of being able to read,
another of being able to live in a land where they can read what they choose wherever they choose.
another to read words strung together that empowers them to make changes,
and who knows maybe someone
dreaming for a message such as this, to be the sign they’ve been waiting for to get started.

For me,
there is the sweet and surreal miracle
of writing.
Of dreams being actualized,
in each word I write and you read,
because I chose to start.

Even when I wanted to run the other direction and like a sucker believed every boldface lie.

It maybe a struggle to start
not just the first time,
but every. step. of. the. way.
But my prayer is that you would acquire the discipline
to choose to start actualizing dreams daily.

Despite the time it shall require.
Despite the distraction or excuses,
because the time will pass anyway,
and our Dreamgiver is with us

cheering us on,

holding us ever so close,

despite the struggle to start.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Here are some dreams of mine that I’ve struggled to start but have started & am committing to…
– Improving my photography skills.
– Being more consistent with my writing.
– Becoming fluent in a third language.
– Memorizing Scripture.
– Finding a holistic method of exercise that strengthens + conditions my mind, body, & soul.
( ^ if anybody has a suggestion on some holistic method of exercise that they can’t get enough of PLEASE COMMENT BELOW & share your input because I’ve started by doing some research,
and I have a few ideas, but would love to hear from you and your personal experience. )
What are some of the dreams your struggling to start?
Starting a new job? Becoming a more devoted musician? Startingyour own buisness?
Learning a new instrument? Training to run a marathon? Serving at charities on a regular basis?
I’d love to hear about whatever your dreams are in the comment section below,
I’d love to pray for you to have a rush of discipline that dreaming demands,
despite whatever struggle to start you are facing.
P.S. These photos were taken on a frozen lake in the Pocono’s on January 1st 2017.
It was Bri’s, Bruce’s, & Greg’s first time on a frozen lake.
As I mentioned, improving my photography skills is a dream of mine
that I’ve struggled to start for quite some time,
and I feel like these photos are an accurate representation
of some of the joys and flops in

Taking a picture of Brucie

Brucie taking a picture of me

Contemplative Warrior

I love the winter the snow and frozen lakes #elsawashere

This guy was ice skating all over the lake for the entirety of the hour and a half we were out on the lake, it was amazing.

20 years of bringing me laughter, took this pic post talking dreams.

Because sometimes, life is a blur.



I have yet to master the art of closeups

I have however mastered the selfie

Teaching the prima ‘andamos todos iguais’

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