This past Sunday was all about the mothers,
& you know what day today is?
Today is Others day.
Tomorrow is Others day.

For as long as I can remember my Mother has always prioritized Others.
One last serving of HER favorite dessert?
 yup, she gave it to Brendan because to this day he has the biggest sweet tooth I know putting both the Cookie Monster & Hansel + Gretel to shame.
 Others Day.

She was exhausted from long days of hard work just so we could get by,
but Bruce begged her to play, so I bet you can figure what happened next?
yup, she played.To this day that boy is soaking up all the play time life gives him.
Others Day.

When she had to direct a play at church & I wanted mommy time, did I get it?
yup, & I became her assistant director at that ( okay so I was only 7 but still it was pretty mesmerizing to see your mom lead people & bring words to life).
To this day the scene of a stage coming to life & words are my favorite things.
 Others Day.

Bryann had homework that was beyond her comprehension, & she still had 3 other kids to take care of ?yup, she sat beside him anyway, more than content to be lost & taught by her son .
To this day she’s more than content to be listening to what he has to say, eager to learn all he has to teach her.
Others day.

When we were bullied, thriving, sick,learning, mean,
loving, healthy, wrong, & cranky.

she was (is) there. 
through. it. all.

She FAUGHT(ights) for us, CRIED(ies) for us, CORRECTED (s) us,
LAUGHED (s) at & with us FOR YEARS.

It’s kind of a joke to have only one day for a woman who always put others first
**don’t get it twisted
my mom KNOWS that self care is important
as evidence by;
her weekly visits to the salon to get her hair did & mani/pedi,
as well as taking as many beach days as necessary to rejuvenate
– so mamma’s out there reading this, burning out doesn’t make for healthy mamma’s,  treat yourself

so as sweet as you are wild MOTHERS
I salute you all
on this Others day & all the Others days to come
for every moment you’ve given everything you had for us & serving others
for any moment you thought your kids would never come around
for whatever moment your humanity was showing, & you royally messed up…

It’s our turn as the kids to say,
all the things we’ve taken too long to say,
been to self-centered to say,
and that we just plain forget to say.


i love you 
i thank you
i am sorry
i forgive you
i believe in you 
i see you
i’ll take care of you
i’ve learned mercy,strength,humility,compassion,&anger at injustice from you
i’m proud to be an extension of you
*not just on Mothers Day, but on all the OTHER DAYS <3 *

Fortunately, I am privileged enough for this to be true about my birth mother.
BUT if its not true for your birth mother,
or your mother has passed away,
or sometimes you feel like a mother
{even though you don’t have any kids of your own},
a mOther isn’t just the woman who gives birth to you
she’s the woman who raises &/or is a role model for you,  
ever present in one way or another.

So whoever that is CELEBRATE MOM (or BE that mom)
as she constantly serves others, on all the other days ! ! !

Aerial Shot of our simple & sweet yard, that we’re ever SO thankful for.



Lady the Lush…guarding the guava juice?


Shrimp Cocktail, Crabcakes, &Zucchini Bread


Free printable banners are my jam


Backyard Brunch to fill up our moms with some OVERDUE lovin’



Sideways shot of theMenu, Champagne, & Fresh Berry Salad


Summer Gnocchi for Mamae


Mother in-love,me, & Grandmother in-love.




Mothers & Daughters


Beijos pra mamae Sandwich


Proud of my husband for Shamelessly asking Michael’s for this sign for FREE


Summer Gnocchi & Oatmeal Yogurt with Blackberry Crush Pancakes
Chillin’ out,maxin’out, & relaxin all cool


obnoxiously large mothers day cards…


…for both our mommys.



Mothers Day Family Fun, Brunchin’ in the Sun!


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