In January of 2005 I made a New Year’s Resolution to not drink soda for a year,
officially a decade later I’ve remained soda/pop-less.
( though I may miss you from time to time querido Guarana,
I prefer you in your natural fruit form anyway)

That was the last time I made any sort of New Year’s Resolution.
Knowing I was fully capable of self improvement & self control,
I didn’t find a need or any appeal to reserve the chance to begin anew to this one day.

For the most part I really enjoy the New Year’s Cliche’s.
The balldrop.
The fireworks.
The kiss.
The champagne.
The reflections.
The resolutions .
All well & good in moderation.

The brief second humanity pauses to reflect on their lives
– the good & the bad-
celebrating together,
& ever so hopeful to begin anew.

But I intentionally am posting this 3 days after New year’s celebrations,
because of a quote I read from SheReadsTruth that inspires me to begin anew every day.

“Because we believe God’s word is true
the fresh start we’re aching for isn’t determined by the date.
Jesus is the beginning of things good,& we’re found in Him.
Since He is the life that is the light of humanity,
we don’t have to wait for the calendar to turn, to begin anew.
The fresh grace & mercy we’re looking for is ours every time the sunrises

May this simple & relatively short blog post,
from a relatively short & loquacious writer,
remind you that
we don’t have to wait for a new year,
to begin anew.

Cliche 2015 selfie, w/some people who love life & the Privilege to Serve


Irresistible photo op with Ollie
The guys…


…with a splash of me



& ladies who we celebrated the end of 2014 & beginning of 2015 with !


Got Beef?


Eu e o meu amor, depois do nosso primeiro beijo em 2015 !!!


August 9th marriage twins; who just happen to be our role models


People who’ve taught me we’re no better than anyone & we all are loved by God.



Two young ladies who are all about spontaneity,down to earth conversations & making Jesus famous.


My answer to prayer .



The ISTJ to my ENFP

Feliz Ano Novo

Rooted in Love,
Mr.Realist & Mrs.Dreamer Irving

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