What's 20 Seconds ?

Recently Greg & I watched We Bought A Zoo
 and stumbled upon this quote,
whose message we’ve agreed
 has served instrumentally in propelling our relationship forward
even before we knew this quote existed:
You know, sometimes all you need 
is twenty seconds of insane courage. 
 Just literally twenty seconds 
of just embarrassing bravery.
 And I promise you, 
something great will come of it.  
On this day in 2012 I called Greg to let him know I liked him.
On this day in 2014 he let me know he liked me for life.
I’m a big sucker for reflection,
so of course today I reflected on what this day has been for US.
This dreamer & her realist.
& this is what I’ve gathered,it’s the:
20 seconds
 to make that phone call
to ask that question
with no guarantee of what the outcome.
 Below I’ve included our lengthy story,
that wouldn’t necessarily have been,
were it not for the 20 seconds
of insane courage & embarrassing bravery.
So today I encourage you & I encourage me
-with the disclaimer to first & foremost be wise and safe –
to have more 20 seconds moments,
because something great might not come of it,
but the possibility that something great DOES come out of it,
 makes it so worth the risk,
and in this time is money culture we live in , 
makes it SO worth the time. 
besides in the grand scheme of things,
whats 20 seconds?
February 23rd 2014
 Love is a verb
 Love is commitment. 
And on the 23rd of February Greg took action and committed.

A little background is usually necessary in order to really understand the true dynamic of any love story . They say a pictures worth a thousand words, and I’ll do my very best to stay below that ( but no promises …so brace yourself).
Having met on our first day of college in 2009, you would think it wouldn’t take me until  February 23rd of 2012 to realize that I liked him. Apparently everybody else knew…except for Greg and I. So moments after I realized how I felt about Greg, I dialed the digits that are now engraved in my memory. I called him up right then & there to let him know how I felt. Granted, I hung up right away after confessing my like, but thankfully he responded with immediately calling me back and even better reciprocating the like. Four hours later our conversation continued as we made plans to see each other on March 10th!
Keep reading. It’s all necessary build up. You’ll see. Sure enough, as I was studying in D.C. our 1st date took place there. On our way We visited the National Botanical Garden, had lunch/enjoyed the entirety of Eastern Market on a Saturday,perfect for my history buff fiance we visited the National Mall ( Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial,etc.) and we stargazed along the Potomac River sitting underneath cherry blossom tree. Where all this is relative comes is coming into play. I promise.
On our way to my apt for some Jumbo Pizza, I had been planning to surprise him and take him iceskating along the National Mall in the sculpture garden. Ohmygracious he LOVED it. Never saw it coming, and we had such a blast together. So as we skated and skated we had to get off the ice once or twice because Greg’s skates were bothering him so much. No worries though,we got back on the ice and skated the night away.
Fast forward to February 23rd 2014. Typical Sunday. 
We started the day with a delicious and I mean DELICIOUS breakfast at Strawberry Place ( fresh strawberry covered nutella and banana stuffed french toast, oh & with strawberry icecream on top), if you haven’t been there GO! 

No suspicious activity here, Greg & I just thoroughly enjoy going out to eat at places with great food.
So then we headed to the wonderful church we’ve been attending in Nyack, Living Christ Church, as we nourished our souls and praised our God together in community.
No suspicious activity here, Greg & I just love Jesus and are committed to nourishing ourselves in His love and living lives that give Him the praise He deserves.
Okay okay you’ve been patient =P 
But I don’t want to forget a single detail of this perfect day, 
besides anticipation is good for you. 
Okay I’m not really sure how true that last part is 
but if you really wanna know you’ll keep reading.
So Greg had asked me on Friday if at some point during the weekend,  we could go iceskating because we hadn’t been yet on our own this year and it’s something he loves. SO of course I obliged, I have so much fun iceskating with him, even though he thinks he’s Wayne Gretzky on the ice and in laughter/nervousness I gotta stay asking him to simmer down with them moves.

(Side note from Greg: Never in a million years would I compare myself to Wayne Gretzky. In fact, I really am not that good at iceskating, I suppose Thressa sees me as being good at it because it is something I really enjoy.)



So we’re in the car jammin after church to D.C. talk, Jason Mraz, and other artists ( if you’ve neve jammed with us, I’m sorry that you’re being deprived & missing out on life).

 I notice we’re still driving- okay we’re like halfway on the tappan zee hahaha – and I’m confused because we should’ve been at the Palisades Mall by now. So I ask, ” wait I thought we were going iceskating? We definitely passed the mall right?”. To which without missing a beat he replied ” Thressa, why would we go there? Ice skating at the mall, no.I was thinking Chelseas Piers”. “Oh alright” I said.

No suspicious activity here, Greg & I aren’t really fans of the mall… at all. So for him to respond that way, I was in total agreement. The less time of my life spent at a mall the better.

(Side note from Greg: I would like to add that we were not on the Tappan Zee Bridge anymore, we were actually about in the Bronx driving on the Saw Mill Parkway at this point.)


Bryann starts texting me asking me to send him a picture of me &my mom &Greg for my moms birthday,so I’m all preoccupied. Now I know, that was all just a ploy to get me to send him a picture so that once our engagement became official he could proclaim how proud he is of his little sisters engagement on Facebook. When we park the car, ChelseasPiers is nowhere in sight. I asked Greg ” Are we in the Bronx?” and he says  “no my love,we’re in Manhattan”. 
No suspicious activity here, Greg doesn’t like paying for crazy city parking so naturally I think we’re just parking here and walking to the piers. 

(Side note from Greg: in fact I responded that we were in Harlem, and while it is techinically in Manhattan — it is an important detail that helps to paint the story.)




As I remain on my phone Greg says “Babe can you get off your phone and just take it all in”. To which I think why is it important I take it in its just manhattan? But I just say “hold on bryann really needs me to send me pictures and he’s on a time crunch You know Bryann”. Then he just says “please Thressa”
and come on now with a face like that how could I say no?
As I put my phone away I look up and am all types of confused. “Babe wait… are we not going to Chelsea’s Piers & is this Bryant park “?  To which he gently replies ” no sweetheart we’re not & this is Central Park”.

No suspicious activity here The weather is beautiful so if Greg wants to walk around in Central Park instead of going ice-skating then by all means let’s. Besides the thought of going ice skating was so exhausting. 

 Hopefully he changed his mind I thought… but on any chance that he did not, I was not going to open my big mouth and ruin what he was so excited to do all weekend. He never really asks me for much, so should one mysteriously appear we’re going to skate as long as he wants.

Sure enough we approached a lovely little outdoor ice rink & I knew I was committed to having a blast, getting some exercise and a side of sore feet for Greg’s sake.
So we stood in line paying for our tickets then walked over to get our skates Greg made sure to tie my skates supertight, and we were off onto the ice. 
I felt such a tightness in my skate but I figured take the pain T. 
Always so much fun ice skating with Greg because he has no inhibitions on the ice. Skating with him is altogether terrifying and exhilarating.
So we skate and skate and skate for quite some time, but I can’t take it anymore and say ” Greg can you please fix my skate it’s really bothering me”. So he makes the first attempt and then we skate some more and then ask him ” honeybear can we please sit down so that you can fix my skate”? Before I know it we’re off the ice & he unravels my skate. Then I ask him if he could please massage my left foot that was aching from the tight shoe, he does so without a second thought. I think to myself, gotta love this man.
No suspicious activity here because he treats me so well, Greg is always rushing at the opportunity to serve me,take care of me, and comfort me.
So as hes sitting there, massaging my feet he asked me ” do you know what day it is.” I say ummm February” .  (Now I realize that February is the month not a day =p ) ” but T what da-” I cut him off and say ” ohhh February 23″ and we both smile remembering the day I called him two years ago. So he says “we’vecome along way” and we laugh and reminisce about how much we’ve grown in the past two years.
No suspicious activity here because we often reminisce on our friendship in college, and about when we started dating . It’s just funny and rewarding to look back to see how much we’ve grown.
But then, ohhhhh, but then, he says it.
” Thressa,two years ago on this day you changed my life forever,
so today I want to change yours” 
Caiu a ficha. 
It hit me like a ton of bricks.
But before I can process anything, he’s down on one knee.
” Thressa will you marry me?”

Stunned. Shocked. Speechless. 

Did the typical cliche hand to the face thing… 
I’ll never know why that’s a natural human inclination. 
Like the ring isn’t being thrown in our mouth so why do we cover it? 
(Side note from Greg: for visualization purposes, and also for the sentimentalists, 
the ring is a three stone yellow gold ring.  

The left stone is Sapphire (the stone for September) representing when we first met each other.
 The center stone is a Diamond (the stone for April) representing when we began dating. 
Last but certainly not least, the right stone is Amethyst (the stone for February)
 representing when both me and Thressa changed each other’s lives in 2012 and now 2014.)
” well ” he says as he gives me that  irresistible smirk that’s always captured my attention” say something”

Then I proceed to kissing him and then I screech and say 
“Whhaaaaaaaat?  Is this real life ?Is this a joke ? Are you kidding? “
Some playful hits from me to him, just because I can’t handle what just happened. 
I’m overflowing with emotions from A to Z . 
We’re laughing,we’re hugging,
he says “I love you”.
… Then I kiss him and immediately think oh no what a bummer nobody is here to capture this perfect moment, but there’s no way I’m telling Greg.
“oh and by the way turnaround” so I turn WHAT ANOTHER SURPRISE I CANT HANDLE THIS “Grace has been here the whole time capturing the moment  and when we’re done skating we have an engagement photo shoot to get to” .
What?!?! What?!? Thank You God I think to myself. I’m overjoyed.Exctatic. Blessed.
(Side note from Greg: For clarity sake, she screamed…a lot. And all the screams happened before I said “Well” and before you even actually responded. This may actually be the first time that I’ve witnessed Thressa literally at a loss for words.)

So we set skate back on the ice as fiancé and fiancée.
We skate a few laps as I ask him a bunch of questions
 trying to make sense of what just happened,  
then we end this unforgettable moment with a victory lap 
hand in hand praising our God in prayer!
Shortly after our wonderful photoshoot we arrive at my house and what is a complete surprise for me is only another part of Greg’s plans, as we are welcomed by my family, his parents, music,food,Bubu,passionfruit mousse cake,& Don Perignon champagne to celebrate our newfound ENGAGEMENT! Surrounded with love, encouragement, & prayer!
Simply Put: PRAISE THE LORD ! 

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